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Portfolio: ELPP B Xavier

Assignment 8: portfolio reflection


I really enjoyed going to the club in Halloween because I had a good time together with my classmates and meet new friends. There have many interesting things happen in the club.

I will never forget the day we ride big bus to travel. My friend with I get off the bus in a wrong station, but we found a very beautiful place named Seven Sisters.

I remember the day I went to Lewes to celebrate the Bonfire Night. There have a grand parade and I enjoyed it.


I am chose this picture from “Assignment 7: Going to the Pride”.(supergroup summer 2,2011, ELPP C, Lily) It shows that two people dress up very funny and in the parade. The reason why I like it is not the appearance or the technology of taking the picture. In fact, the reason is I was attractive by the vivid characters in the image.

ONE picture from my own portfolio

Assignment 7:Thanksgivinh Day

Part 1. In class

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA. It is an annual holiday celebrating the harvest in United Stares and Canada. In America it is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. At this time, every family ate turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Also have Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons. And there are many funny parades in that day. The First American Thanksgiving is attributed to the autumnal feast held by the Pilgrims and Massasoit in 1621. The Mayflower passengers, having survived a rather challenging winter in the “New World” and having managed to harvest their surviving crops, hosted a feast which was an English tradition that signaled the end of harvest time. Thanksgiving is an ancient festival original by American people, is also an American family gather festival, so the United States felt Thanksgiving always very kind. Thanksgiving Day is the most truly national holidays for American, it most closely connected with the earliest history. So Thanksgiving is very important to America culture. Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always on Thursday. On Black Friday, stores throughout the United States have huge sales. Many people plan a whole day of shopping, and it for personal use or buying Christmas gifts.

Part 2. Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving will come soon. I will give thanks to many people at that time. One of them is my coach. I live in this world about 20 years. I was through a lot of things, met many people. As time goes by. Perhaps some people I have been forgotten. But there is a person always let me be grateful. He is my coach. When I was study in elementary school. I take part in the school track team. I was train very hard every day. On once training, I was fall my leg. I felt very pain. I told my coach I don’t want to continue to participate in the training. My coach wasn’t promised me immediately. Whereas told me to be strong and face the difficulty. After that, I insist to participate in training. After the storm will always have a rainbow, I got many medals at the sports meeting in the school. So when I meet some difficult things after this experience. I always remember my coach and my glory. They were enlightened me to face to face with difficulty and challenge. Also do not give up easily.

Part 3: BONUS

The evening’s dishes are very rich which includes grilled chicken wings, roast chicken, potatoes, meatballs, kimchi soup,braised the pork etc…..They are all delicious dishes.

My classmates and I cook together

Assignment 6:

Group members:Xavier and Michael Xu

First destination is the Clock Tower, Steyning

Second destination is The Hope Inn

The Port of Newhaven

 Take three more photos from the inside of the bus

Write something about Newhaven : Newhaven is a city where is near by the sea. Lots of people are enjoy sunshine and swimming. Besides,there are lots of boats stop at the part of Newhaven.

About Steyning: Steyning leave Brighton so far, taking bus nearly one hour. The clock tower in Steyning is very differ from in Brighton. The Steyning’s clock tower has about 600 years old, but it smaller than Brighton’s clock tower.



Twice a week

Go shopping

Steyning to Brighton

Best:meeting people and look outside

Worst: too long time




Newhaven to Brighton

Best: cheap

Worst: slow


part 1:Historical Coincidence

The lives of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, two of America’s founders. Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence, showing drafts of it to Adams, who (with Benjamin Franklin) helped to edit and hone it.The document was approved by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Surprisingly, both Jefferson and Adams died on the same day, July 4, 1826 – exactly 50 years from the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


part 2:

I am listened to a person who named David to speak a coincidence in November 13.He said he had an English lesson. The teacher for example said that “when he speak finish, the lights will turn off.” the result teacher just say that finish, the classroom lights really destroyed, the whole class was very surprised.

Assignment 4:

Guy Fawkes (or ‘Bonfire’) night.

A >Find the answers to this quiz< :

Who was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes (on April 13, 1570-January 31, 1606), Catholic conspiracies the members of the organization, the plot organizations attempted to implement the gunpowder plot.

What was the ‘gunpowder plot’?

The assassination plot plan of king James I of England and both houses of parliament and all members. In order to complete the assassination, they will be in 1605 during the senate to blow up the house.

Did it succeed?


Why?/Why not?

Because he was expose by another people.

What happened to Guy Fawkes afterwards?

He was executed or killed.

What famous event takes place every year to remember Guy Fawkes?

Each year on 5 November, British people to big bonfire night (namely the night of fireworks or guy Fawkes night) to celebrate the plot was shattered. And the festival is very close to the Christian ancient Celtic festival before (Samhain Eve) is famous.


People weared a variety of clothes and lifted torch pageant in the streets.

Fireworks will suddenly in the blast near you, I was scared for several times.

This man is Guy Fawkes who was caught by another people.

Assignment 3

title: The day of the dead


Mexico celebrates a yearly tradition called Day of the Dead during the last days of October and the first days of November. Due to the duration of this festivity and the way people get involved it has been called “The Cult of Death.”During the celebration of Day of the Dead all those feelings and beliefs come together in a season that brings to life the memory of the loved ones.


participate in Haloween

October 28th,2011

Assignment 2

Title: Autumn: images, thoughts, feelings

1.I like the season of autumn. Because the temperature of autumn is neither cold nor hot and autumn  let my mood ease.

2.My hometown autumn is the season of  various crops mature. They second photo shows the maturity of  wheat. I choose it because it can manifest autumn is a harvest season.

3.The first photo shows the various plants withered and turn yellow in autumn. It remind me of  the dead branches and leaves nourish a new plant growth.

Assignment 1

Two Types Dog:

Bulldog, originating in the United Kingdom, ancestor is said Mastiff Mastiff combination of reproduction and Ngau Tau ridge formed. British Bulldog is about 35-50cm height, weighing about 20-30 kg, is a medium-sized dogs. Fur smooth, robust and heavy, chunky body, large head and wide mouth to bend, than the upper jaw was protruding and slightly curved upward to form packets days. Broad shoulders and strong limbs. Overall appearance and attitude to show Footloose and great stability.

Border Collie originated in the Scottish border, Collie’s kind of a strong shepherd instinct, nature, intelligent, good wind blows, can really understand the owner’s instructions, can be watched while driving through the eyes of the sheep to move or rotate, as a shepherd for many years been the history. Its biggest feature is the smart, learning ability, understanding, easy to train, gentle, loyal, obedient, their loyalty can go hand in hand to describe.

Dogs research:Victor &  Xavier

1.What is your dog’s name? (He or she?)

Paper & Pencil.

2.What breed is he/she?

They are breed is West Highland White Terrier.

3.How long have you had him/her ?

6 years.

4.Can you tell me something about his/her character – for example, what he/she likes, doesn’t like? Unusual behaviour he/she has?

They like to play the ball with each other, or just chase with each other.

5.What are the good and bad things about owning a dog?

1)GOOD-They’re lovely. It helps me to do some exercises when I walking them.

2)BAD-Time consuming & Cost

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