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portfolio ELPPA Nono

 Assignment 8: portfolio reflection

PART 1 :

” I  liked going to Devil’s dyke, because it  has a big gorge and a nice bar. I went to Devil’e Dyke with my classmate,it had nice weather.”

“I went to Lewes with my friends ,when I arrived, I saw many people ,it was very crowd . A lot of people take torch, it look like interesting .”

“I I remember in the Thankingsgiving day , Iwanted found a place where can eat Turkey, so Iwent out with my friend . we went to city centre and we found a long time, but we can’t find it ,we were so despondent.”



I like this picture. In the picture ,it has a beautiful beach and parallel with the san . A part of sky is a blue and a part sky is red , some people walking in the beach . In my city , there isn’t a beach and sea. when I was a child, I alwasy thinking if I live near sea, I can see rise and sunset ,it is a perfect life.  

Assignment 7: Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. In Canada, Thanksgiving falls on the same day as Columbus Day in the United States. Because of the longstanding traditions of the holiday, the celebration often extends to the weekend that falls closest to the day it is celebrated.

2.traditional foods:


3.traditional customs:

The Thanksgiving legacy has been alive for hundreds of years. The customs we see in our homes today remind us of ancient celebrations of harvest, thankfulness for peace, and the endeavors of native Americans. It consists of stories of those who believe that gratitude for blessings is a virtue all must possess.

4.why is important to American culture?

The United States into the childhood habit of independent living, s gone. Went their separate ways. And on Thanksgiving Day. They always strive to return from far apart, the family sitting together round and round, munching delicious turkey, talk about past events, which are truly makes people feel exceptionally warm, warm.

5.What is Black Friday?

The day’s name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.Use of the term started before 1966 and began to see broader use outside Philadelphia around 1975. Later an alternative explanation began to be offered: that “Black Friday” indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or are “in the black”.

Part 2

I would like to thank many people and things. First of all, I especially want to thank my parents, they gave me life and they are my abecedarian. They were there with me for most of my first experiences. They taught me how to take the first step, they taught me how to speak my first word and they taught me how to ride a bike.

I remembered one thing happened when I was eight years old. In a cold winter night, I suddenly got a high fever, mum and Dad found out when they went home from work. Without saying a word, Dad put on his coat and helped me get dressed. My mum quickly picked up an umbrella when my dad carried me. My parents walked quickly towards the hospital, I could feel their worries. The distance seemed very long from my home to the hospital, it got even more difficult to walk in the rain. I told my parents that I could walk myself, but my father did not put me down, instead, he walked even faster. It didn’t take me too long to recover. However, this experience became one of the most unforgettable memories in my life. I felt my parents love from that and they will be people who I would like to thank in my entire life.

Part 3:

Assignment6: Devil’s  Dyke

we went to Devil’s Dyke  last  Saturday . It has a big gorge.

the first photo is a bar in Devil’s Dyke.

Devil’s Dyke is a V-shaped valley on the South Downs Way in southern England, near Brighton and Hove .



In 1858, Robert Fallon was shot dead, an act of vengeance by those with whom he was playing poker.

Fallon, they claimed, had won the $600 pot through cheating. With Fallon’s seat empty and none of the other players willing to take the now-unlucky $600

, they found a new player to take Fallon’s place and staked him with the dead man’s $600.

By the time the police had arrived to investigate the killing, the new player had turned the $600 into $2,200 in winnings.

The police demanded the original $600 to pass on to Fallon’s next of kin – only to discover that the new player

turned out to be Fallon’s son, who had not seen his father in seven years!



the people who  I asked call  James.

a few days age , he and his girlfriend wants to buy a iphone4S , they did not inform the other party before the night ,

when the next morning to line up to buy iphone4S ,  many people too crowded when the  two  individuals coming

together accidentally.

Assignment 4: Guy Fawkes (or ‘Bonfire’) night.

1 Who was Guy Fawkes?

Is a person who killed James I.

2 What was the ‘gunpowder plot’?

The V for Vendetta

3  Did it succeed?

No,It not

4Why?/Why not?

It was found when they didn’t finish it.

5  What happened to Guy Fawkes afterwards?

It had some negative  inflence of  Catholicism in England.

6What famous event takes place every year to remember Guy Fawkes?

‘   Guy Fawkes Night’

I went to lewes with my frienfs early , it is very crowded .Icame back early ,I didn’t like ,it was crowded I can saw very well.

Assignment 3:The Day of the Dead


The Day of the Dead is an ancient festival celebrated in Mexico.

The festival honors both the living and the dead.

On this day, people light candles for prayers to the dead and give sugar skeletons to each other as gifts.

It is not a sad day, but rather a time to celebrate the cycle of life.

When the day of the Dead in Mexico is coming people will prepare chocolate in

all of  food to commemorate the dead person.


my friend and I drank in a pub . It was very interesting,and peopel was very enthusiasm.

I took the food in brighton on  31th oct , mony of people made up ,and walked on the street.

Assignment 2: Autumn

The autumn view of  England,when Autumn caming  the weather becoming colder than before .

A beautiful season of autumn in China, Autumn in China it depend on  bumpr.

Northwest of china in autumn,it is beautiful , the trees same are green same are yellow.

Assignment 1 :photo of dogs

golden retriever is a kind of dog like the photo, it has golden hair like its name.

 present to England in 18th century. It is very friendly .

 the dog of male usually has29-34 KG,the dog of  female usually has 25-29KG。

Alaskan Malamute is it’s name,it’s name from Eskimo’s a tribe. It has a nickname Maly.

The hair of the Maly is black and is a working dog . Has many jobs need its,

Eg.police dog, sled dog and so on.

What is your dog’s name?

He name is jack

What breed is he?

He is a Alaskan Malamute

How long have you had him?

I had have he since one year age.

Can you tell me something about his character – for example, what he/she likes, doesn’t like? Unusual behaviour he has?

He is very lazy but he likes playing with my son.

What are the good and bad things about owning a dog?

The good things He is a pistachio nuts in my family,the bad thing is

Difficulty to clean up my house.


  1. NoNo,
    ALL your portfolio work – dogs, autumn, day of the dead and all future assignments must be in ONE place – here, which is the post linked to the portfolio page.
    Moving your work must be completed this week and your other posts deleted, – if you don’t understand, please ak your blog tutor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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